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The Legend Lampard is on the mission of making Chelsea a dream club and can become significant in three years. After the ex midfield and legend took care of Chelsea, the team is getting into better shape and sound future. Lampard tactics have been different from other managers. From the way how Chelsea signs players to grooming young players, the focus has been brilliant.

There is a sign of improvement and dedication from the young players. These young lads are not afraid and showing their spirit and energy to bring the teamwork back again. Still, Chelsea might lag in resilience but has a great composure when it comes to team building.

The man who is behind is the manager Frank Lampard. As Chelsea’s ex-midfielder, he is making significant changes in the team by believing in every youngster. In other words, He is more of a mixed coach and manager. He is doing pretty well in signing the player and also grooming them to cherish their dreams.

Lampard Tactics: Why Lampard believes in Youngsters?

Lampard does look things differently. In other words, he wants long term benefits than short term gains. Most importantly, he signs players who ideally have a good match of skills required for the position.

Lampard mentoring Mason Mount
Lampard mentoring Mason Mount

For Example, He picks midfielder who can create chances with long passes, through balls and crosses. His recent signing Ziyech is valuable. He can score, assist, play through balls, cross, long pass, dribble, etc. A perfect example of Centre Attacking Midfielder who can uplift the team width and can be used as a critical player in every plan.
Also, Lampard has been as Youth Coach of Chelsea for around one year. He has a better understanding of young players, and he believes in unlocking the potential of young talents.

And surely the young team will be highly creative if they have a very good team spirit. That coordination is expected in attacking, pressing, and defending. This is the real attribute of a great team.

Team Work and Experience are the two fingers in the victory symbol


Why Chelsea can become a dream team?

Chelsea was in peak time when they won the premier league in 2015 and 2017. Last two seasons, Chelsea couldn’t do well as the team was collapsed, losing big players like Hazard, Courtois, David Luiz, Fabregas, etc.

In other words, Chelsea was losing its quality, and now Lampard has to deal with it and bring back the team. Above all, he has to bring back the peak from the declining phase.

With this Huge Challenge in front, he is bringing back the team spirit with a young talented squad. It’s tough to get to peak again from the declining stage, but his approach to bringing it back was excellent. He believes Creative Team can bring Goal Rain.

When these young talents are brave, experienced, and creative, born of Dream Chelsea can be declared!!!

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